This Is DigitalEngines!

Website in re-development - If you need access to previous versions... You know my email address!

Syspro ERP resources are currently being reviewed - SYSPRO Administrator and Reports Certification available on request - Please email

If there are any queries regarding the Healthcare Certificate (Working in Healthcare - Accident and Emergency) please email and I will be happy to answer any questions.

Previous links to all arducopter and ardupilot are being remashed! Any links to previous drone builds and data will be brought back in soon.

Lot's of emails asking as well - Sadly, yes, the big orange b45t4rd drone got mashed on a motor failure.

As lots of people have asked for the ArduCopter data download of the telemetry, again, email the usual address! Don't email syspro - There is a auto delete in hand!

For those who are asking - The Alien is still alive, but with a fault with the atmospheric pressure sensor. Update will be coming soon when we don't have madness winds!

TLDR! I Don't work for fucking NASA! I'm an Engineer!